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Creative Director
Arnold Leenart

Arnold Leenart

Technically driven individual with over fifteen years of postproduction and broadcast industry experience. Skilled problem solver who can anticipate potential setbacks and prepare for possible solutions. Good interpersonal skills for team and client relationships. Passionate for new technology.

CV available upon request

What Can Sprokkel Media Do?


With having developed, built and implemented succesfull TV channels on Sky I know what is needed to get the job done.

Experience with Blackmagic infrastructure, Playbox and Casparcg systems, digital vision mixers, content delivery in the UK and Worldwide. This makes me the ideal person for your next broadcasting job.

Post Production

Having strong knowledge of acquisition, post work flows, editing systems and deliverables, and having worked for mayor broadcasters in the UK and The Netherlands I am certain that I can help you with your post production needs.

Web Design

Knowing what is important for broadcasters and having experience with the leading CMS systems, both in front end design and back end coding, makes me invaluable for your next job.

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Apologies, but I am currently unavailable for new projects.

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